Advance Planning

More and more families are making the intelligent and loving decision to make cemetery arrangements before the time of need. The number of people doing so continues to rise with over 50 percent of our mausoleum purchases being made in advance of need. This ensures that a loved one’s wishes are adhered to and the burden of family members having to make decisions during an emotional time is eliminated.

Having a conversation about your own mortality can be difficult, but more adults are discovering that pre-planning their own funeral and memorial options provides great comfort to both them and their families. Advance planning also eliminates the financial hardship that may occur at the time of need because you have already prepared for the inevitable. It also provides financial security because your pricing is protected from inflation.

Advance planning is a loving gesture for those that you leave behind. It provides you with peace of mind in knowing that you have taken the burden off the ones you love. Please contact us to discuss and plan for your eventual needs.