More people are choosing cremation as their preferred way to memorialize a loved one. While there are many reasons for choosing cremation, each is a personal decision. Choosing cremation has also become more popular as environmental considerations have become more important. Cremation, like traditional burial, should not be considered an end but a beginning of the preparation for memorialization. Fishkill Rural Cemetery offers different options when interring cremated remains. 


Fishkill Rural Cemetery offers a variety of niche options including both single and companion internment  within the mausoleum.  You may choose a niche with a marble face that is decorated with the family name and dates inscribed on it, or a glass front niche that allows viewing of the urn chosen by the family for memorialization.  There is a wide variety of choices available when selecting an urn that will meet the unique needs and wishes of the family. The urn will have the family information directly inscribed on it. An indoor niche provides you with the opportunity to visit a family member or loved one year around without concern for weather or other conditions.

inside mausoleum

Chuck Theiss Columbarium

Fishkill Rural Cemetery’s new columbarium is overlooking a tranquil and peaceful pond and offers the perfect place to reflect and pay respect to honored family members and loved ones. Stop by or schedule your visit today.

Image highlighted is an artist’s rendering. 


Dove Columbarium

On the grounds just in front of the community mausoleum you will find our circular columbarium adorned with a beautiful sculpture on top. For those wishing to memorialize cremated remains in a serene outdoor environment, our columbarium is the perfect choice. Each niche can accommodate two urns and allows for the family name and dates to be inscribed on a beautiful marker placed on the marble front. Granite sitting benches surround the monument, allowing for quiet reflection. Stunning views of the perfectly manicured grounds offer an exceptional experience for visitors.

Both the Dove Columbarium and the Louise Wortman are sold out.

Traditional Burial of Cremains

At Fishkill Rural Cemetery we also offer traditional ground burial for cremated remains.  There are options available that include single or companion burials, as well as side-by-side burials.  Cremated remains can also be placed in the grave of a family member or loved one who has chosen a traditional casket burial. We will be happy to discuss your options in detail.