Louise Wortman Mausoleum

Today, more and more people are choosing to immortalize family members in mausoleums. Once considered a custom for those of wealth or nobility, it is now a practical option for everyone. Choosing a mausoleum for entombment can be similar in price to a traditional ground burial because you eliminate the need for a burial vault and headstone monument, among other things.

Mausoleums have increased in popularity because they provide a protected environment for year-round prayer and meditation.  Accepted by followers of all major religions, mausoleums provide a tranquil sanctuary for reflection and peaceful contemplation.

inside mausoleum

Hugh J. Maurer Mausoleum

This mausoleum complements the popular Chapel Mausoleum, that was constructed in 2000. This beautiful structure was completed in 2019 and is positioned near the entrance of the cemetery, which sits on more than 140 acres of trees and rolling hills. The artfully designed stone, granite, and glass structure offers a sense of traditional beauty and elegance.

The mausoleum offers conventional cremation niches as well as glass-front niches and full-casket above-ground burials. Single and family internment options are available on both the interior or exterior of the mausoleum, and there are vaults that can accommodate a combination of caskets and urns.

private mausoleum

Private Mausoleums

We offer the opportunity for families to construct a private mausoleum on our grounds for an individual or family. Although on our grounds, private mausoleums are designed and constructed by the owner with the approval of Fishkill Rural Cemetery. We would be happy to discuss the details of a private mausoleum with you.