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While the visitors may access the cemetery through a weekday entrance on Osborne Hill Road which was opened in 2000 for easier access to newer sections, the majority of traffic continues to enter through the historic Route 9 gateway. The Carpenter Gothic Gatehouse that once stood sentinel here is long gone, but the pillars and gates are original — though they weren’t always in place! When Route 9 was widened in the 1960s, the pillars were moved to a maintenance area and the gates were tossed into the woods. Fortunately, both the gates and pillars were recovered around 1988, and they were restored and reset with new signage (inspired by the shape of the Receiving Vault’s dedicatory marker shape). The cemetery owned a home across the highway as its superintendent’s house, but it was subsequently sold. Just beyond the front entrance lies the Cemetery Office, which was built as a one-room structure in the early 1900s and was expanded and remodeled in 2002. The charming pond, once completely surrounded by tall willow trees, was originally eight feet deep, but silt and sediment have rendered it quite shallow. Several restorations of the pond have been completed, and well-intentioned efforts to control its resident flock of Canada geese remind us annually of exactly who is in charge.

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